Browser based
Performance Marketing

✓ Hypergranular targeting
✓ Website-independent
✓ Risk-free buying models
✓ ePrivacy compliant

MyOffrz bietet innovatives Performance Marketing Made in Germany.

Seien Sie First Mover und profitieren Sie von attraktiven Konditionen.

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Hypergranular targeting

The browser knows what users want! Choose from a wealth of targeting options: search queries, viewed content or social signals and define tailor-made targeting rules which trigger your offers and information.


MyOffrz does not display your offer on a specific website but instead, directly in the browser, at the right time of the customer journey – completely independent of the page context and with respect for your brand safety.

Risk-free buying models

Increase your sales results and cost-efficiency by approaching your target audience through risk-free buying models based on CPC, CPL, CPO and revenue share.

ePrivacy compliant

At last, targeting and user privacy can be reconciled. The MyOffrz technology does not work centrally (like a DMP) but in the browser itself. No user-related data is collected and no user profiles are created. The users’ data remains on their devices and under their control.

Selected clients

Quotes from the market

  • MyOffrz does not only generate higher conversion rates and a wider reach for myToys, but also generates significant sales volumes for us in a cost-efficient way.

    Jonas Nadenau
    Jonas Nadenau Marketing Manager myToys
  • MyOffrz is one of the most promising start-ups I’ve ever seen. The combination of risk-free performance marketing, strong user benefits and privacy is unique.

    Frank Schmidt
    Frank Schmidt former GroupM CEO

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