MyOffrz Benefits Add-on – Part 3: How does the tech behind MyOffrz actually work?

We examine the following questions in the third part of our blog series: How does MyOffrz identify potential purchase intentions, how does it determine whether offers are relevant and what technical measures protect the user’s anonymity and privacy? While in the first part of our blog series on MyOffrz we provided a basic outline of our business model and, in [...]

MyOffrz Benefits Add-on – Part 2: Targeted offers and privacy are not a contradiction in terms

The second part of our blog series on MyOffrz explains how we display useful offers in your browser that align with your interests at the right moment without compromising your privacy. In the first part of our blog series, we explained the basics of our MyOffrzbusiness model and introduced its many benefits for users. In this second part, [...]

MyOffrz Benefits Add-on – Part 1: Browse smarter with maximum privacy

We are presenting our MyOffrz business model in detail in a multi-part blog series. Part 1 explains the many benefits you as a user can enjoy. It’s happened to all of us: You’ve looked for shoes or electronics online, and over the next couple of days you’re shown ads for those products everywhere while surfing [...]

MyOffrz: Marketing-Innovation vereint Targeting und Privatsphäre

MyOffrz verlagert die Speicherung und Verarbeitung der Surfdaten von der Server- auf die Client-Seite. Damit bietet Cliqz eine DSGVO-konforme, datenschutzfreundliche Alternative zu den Werbemodellen von Google und Facebook. Cliqz hat nach einer erfolgreichen Pilotphase den offiziellen Startschuss für MyOffrz gegeben. Das innovative Geschäftsmodell beruht auf einem neuen Konzept namens Browser-based Performance Marketing, das eine individuelle Ansprache von Konsumenten und [...]

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