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✓ Your data belongs to you
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  • "Thanks to MyOffrz's rent-a-car comparison offer, I've saved a lot of money when booking."

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  • “I benefit from your voucher codes. Great marketing concept with anonymous offers!”

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Browse smarter

Obtain great discounts while surfing the Web and no longer miss out on promotions that interest you. MyOffrz only shows you interesting information if it’s useful for you and provides real value.

Your data belongs to you

MyOffrz was developed according to the most stringent data privacy and protection standards. We never process personal data, we do not store such data centrally on a server and, on top of that, we do not profile you. This means we cannot trade or sell your data to third parties. No personal data ever leaves your device and therefore always remains in your possession.

Maximum control

You can select manually which offers you see and which you do not want. In doing so, you will also help us to improve MyOffrz. After all, we do not want to show you any offers that are of no interest to you.

The MyOffrz software operates only locally on your device in your browser and is an integral part of the leading technology providers Cliqz & Ghostery. The revenue generated from MyOffrz allows Cliqz & Ghostery to continuously refine their innovative browser and privacy products and to offer them permanently free of charge to all users.

This is how MyOffrz works

MyOffrz is located within both the Cliqz browser and the Cliqz extension for Firefox as well as in other apps, browsers and browser extensions such as Ghostery. With MyOffrz, companies have the opportunity to display customized discounts, promotions and information directly in your browser that offer real value to you as a user. If you decide to accept an offer, you will benefit from better prices and specials. The decision whether or not an offer is displayed to you is made in the browser installed locally on your device. You do not submit any data to MyOffrz servers and we do not profile you. You remain in control of your data at all times and your privacy is protected at all times!

The offers are sent to all browsers and add-ons supported by MyOffrz and stay in the background until they are triggered. An offer is displayed in your browser only when the MyOffrz software on your device determines that, in all likelihood, you are interested in one specific offer at a given time. For example, if you are searching online for particular sports footwear, you might see an offer from one of our e-commerce clients that includes a discount, meaning that you will be targeted only if you are really looking for an offer.

A win-win for all parties
Select a MyOffrz promotion and benefit from discounts, specials or information that provide real value. Our business clients are pleased when their offers are used and let us participate in their success by paying us a commission.

This is how MyOffrz works

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